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Tracker 300 Launch

Data Track has launched the new Tracker 300+. Watch the presentation.

Data Track has launched a new generation of process instrumentation in the form of the Tracker 300+. The Tracker 300+ is a universal process control module, housed in a compact DIN Rail enclosure. Designed and built by Data Track, the Tracker 300+ is easily integrated into process control systems for signal conditioning, alarm switching, data acquisition and PID control.

  • New features in the Tracker 300+ include:
  • USB (powered) programming (no more special cables)
  • Removeable terminals for easier installation and faster maintenance
  • Nine new thermocouple ranges
  • Two new resistance thermometer ranges
  • New simpler and faster communication features
  • Increased network capacity
  • Faster processor to handle the most demanding workloads

For full information about the Tracker 300+, watch this video.