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If you have a question regarding our products or service, then you may find the answer in this section. Alternatively, please contact us with your question.

Do I have to use the linearisation feature for Thermocouple inputs (T220/T210/T300)?

No. All the thermocouple (and RTD) linearisation tables are stored in the instrument. Just select the thermocouple type (e.g. Type T) and select the engineering units required (e.g. °C or °F). The Tracker 220 and 300 series instruments also allow temperature to be displayed in Kelvin.

Can the sensor or transmitter be powered from the Instrument?
Except for the Tracker 331, all instruments have sensor/transmitter power excitation supplies available.

Which instruments have communication features?
Apart from the Trackers 211 & 212, all our instruments have an isolated RS485 serial communications interface fitted as standard. The communications interface can be used for configuration and real time data. A free configuration program is available for all models.
Optionally, some instruments can be supplied with an RS232 interface instead of RS485.

What protocols can be used with Tracker instruments?
Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU and our own simple ASCII-based protocol.

Do all Tracker instruments with communications interfaces support floating point (32bit) Modbus RTU?
All our instruments support floating point Modbus. If your instrument was manufactured before June 2004 it may require a software upgrade.

How can I tell the age of an instrument?
The first four digits of the serial number indicate the month and year of manufacture. For example, a serial number 0602nnnn shows that the instrument was manufactured in June 2002.

How can I tell which software version is fitted?
For Tracker panel meters, power-up the instrument. The display will show the model number (e.g. T223) followed by the software version (e.g. 6.56). For the Tracker 300 range of DIN rail mounted products, the configuration software displays both the model number and software version.

I have forgotten the configuration password number - what should I do?
Contact Data Track for a master password number.

How do I set the instrument back to factory default settings?
This is recommended when using an instrument in a new application. For panel meters, press and hold the two right hand buttons (Star and Enter) when powering up the instrument (not T211). Default settings can also be initialised with the configuration software or by setting the dFLt (default) parameter to ON in the configuration "system" menu. Tracker 300 DIN rail products can be defaulted using the configuration software supplied with the units.

What is the warranty period?
24 months, except for T21x and T3xx models which have a 60 month warranty.

What are the MTBF values for Tracker instruments?
Approx 100,000 Hours.

Where can I buy?
Data Track Process Instruments have distributors world-wide. You can contact us to find your nearest supplier.

Can I print product information from your website?
Yes; use the little print icon at the top right hand side of every page on this site. You will need to configure the page setup in your web browser for left and right margins of 3mm. Some printers may impose larger margins, which will cut off some content. If this is the case, set the orientation to landscape.

Do you have a sitemap?
Yes, you can view our Sitemap for a complete list of URLs on this site.