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Tracker 211

A Low Cost Universal Input Panel Meter for Temperature and Process Measurement

You can find out more about the applications for the Tracker 211, for example as a digital temperature gauge, by visiting our applications section. Download related documentation from the area to the left or contact us to discuss your requirements further.

The Tracker 211 digital panel meter for low cost "no frills" applications, but in demanding industrial environments. You can use the panel mounted Tracker 211 meter for measurement and display only applications or as an alarm trip and with the analogue output option, it can also act as a transmitter. An alarm relay is fitted as standard with a further 2 available as options.

Key Features:

  • Low Cost
  • Universal Input for T/C, RTD, DC mV, DC Volt, DC mA and resistance.
  • 10V and 24V DC Transmitter & Transducer Supplies
  • One Alarm Relay Fitted as Standard
  • Bright 4 Digit LED Display
  • IP65 Front Panel
  • Universal Mains Power
  • Only 110mm Deep
  • Standard 1/8th DIN Size


  • Isolated Analogue Output
  • Low Voltage DC/AC Power Supply Option
  • Up to 3 Alarm Relays
  • Green Display
  • Available With or Without Front Panel Buttons



Universal Input

You can directly connect the Tracker 211 to most popular process sensors including Thermocouples, RTDs, 20mA loop Transmitters and DC signals up to 100mV and 10V. The Tracker 211 digital panel meter will display temperature in °C or °F to 0.1 degree resolution. Millivolt, 10 volt and 20mA signals can be scaled to engineering units using any portion of the -1999 to 9999 display range (with an adjustable decimal point position). There are linearised thermocouple ranges for types K, T, J, N, R and S. Thermocouple inputs have automatic cold junction compensation (CJC) withup-scale sensor burnout detection. Two RTD (Pt100) ranges are also available. Zero, tare and max/min memory functions are available on versions fitted with front panel buttons.

Transducer / Transmitter Excitation Supplies

The Tracker 211 digital panel meter includes an isolated 24V DC transmitter supply as standard to provide power for 2-wire (4-20mA) sensors and a regulated 10V DC output for strain gauge type sensors such as pressure transducers and load cells.

Analogue Output (Option)

The Tracker 211 digital panel meter can transmit a measured value as a linear 4-20mA signal to other devices such as a chart recorder or data logger. The output can be scaled to any portion of the display range, e.g. 4-20mA = 500-800 (psi). The electrically isolated analogue output always follows the displayed value, so when using Thermocouples and RTDs, the output is linear to temperature, not the input. Reverse output is also configurable i.e. 0-100 = 20-4mA.

Alarm Relays

The Tracker 211 digital panel meter has one alarm relay fitted as standard and can be fitted with up to 3 alarm relays. You can configure Setpoints at the time of configuration or adjust them using buttons that are hidden behind the front panel. If you want to adjust the setpoints frequently then specify front panel buttons to be fitted. You can configure each alarm to be high or low acting and the relay energised or de-energised in the alarm condition and on/off hysteresis to stop relay chatter.


There are no internal pots, links or switches. The Tracker 211 can be configured using concealed buttons situated behind the front panel or front panel buttons if fitted. The instrument prompts the user for each setup parameter. For users who need to configure many units, a Windows compatible configuration program is available for setup, storage and downloading to the Tracker 211. A special adapter lead is available to connect an RS232 interface on the computer to the programming socket on the Tracker 211.

Front Panel Buttons (Option)

As an option, front panel buttons can be fitted to allow fast and easy access to the alarm setpoints or when the tare, zero or max/min functions are to be used.

Units of Measurement

Engineering unit labels for the most common measurements including temperature, flow, distance, power and pressure are supplied with each instrument.

Universal Power Input

Wide ranging 90-265V AC power input allows world-wide installation. A 24V AC/DC version is also available.

Download the related product documentation using the links at the top of this page or contact us without any obligation to discuss your requirements further.

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