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Tracker 212

A low cost 5-Digit, universal process and temperature indicator with linearisation features for 4-20mA tank contents signals.

The Tracker 212 is a budget panel meter that supports the features and performance usually found in more expensive products. Being quick and easy to configure, with a 5 digit display and 24 point user linearization, the Tracker 212 is well suited to tank contents, process and temperature measurement applications. You can contact us without obligation to discuss your particular requirements further if you wish.

Key Features

  • Low Cost with a 5 Year Warranty
  • Quick and Easy to Configure
  • Universal Process or Temperature Measurement
  • Accepts mV, mA, V, ? Signals, Type J, K, N, T, R, S Thermocouples and PT100
  • 24-Point User Linearisation For 4-20mA Signals (Tank contents applications)
  • Sensor Excitation For Transducers (10V) or Two Wire Transmitters (24V)
  • Selectable Degrees C or F for Temperature Sensors
  • Display Scaling To Any Engineering Units for Process Inputs
  • Max / Min Memory (Requires Front Panel Buttons)
  • No Internal Pots, Links or Plug In Cards
  • Alarm Relay Fitted As Standard
  • Universal Mains Power Input (110-250VAC)
  • 12-32 VDC/VAC Powered Version Option
  • Scalable Isolated Analogue Output Option
  • 2nd and 3rd Alarm Outputs Option
  • PC Programming Option

Tank Contents and Process Measurement

Up to 24 user linearisation calibration points can be entered corresponding to a 4-20mA signal, ideal for tank contents applications. A regulated 10VDC excitation supply is provided for "bridge" type sensors and a 24VDC supply for two wire transmitters and active sensors. The Tracker 212 can also accept mV and 10 volt signals.

Temperature Measurement

The Tracker 212 can be wired directly to thermocouples, RTD's or temperature transmitters. Select the thermosensor type from the menu and the input is automatically scaled and linearised and is user selectable for display in °C or °F with a resolution of 1° or 0.1°.


The Tracker 212 is fitted with a relay output with volt free C/O contacts, as standard. The alarm can be high or low acting with user selectable alarm hysteresis. The relay configurable to be energised or de-energised (fail safe) when in the alarm condition. Two further alarm relays can be fitted as an option.

The analogue output option gives an isolated 4-20mA signal, which is scalable to any portion of the display range. The output is linear to the displayed value, not the input. This makes the Tracker 212 an ideal tank contents or temperature transmitter.

Alarm Setpoints

You can fix alarm setpoints at the time of configuration or adjust them using buttons hidden behind the front panel. If you need to adjust the setpoints frequently then front panel buttons can be fitted.


The Tracker 212 can be setup using the concealed configuration buttons, which are situated behind the front panel, or using the front panel buttons if fitted. The T212 prompts the user for each set-up parameter. For users that need to configure a number of units, a PC compatible configuration program is available for setup, storage and downloading of configurations to the T212. A special adapter lead is available to connect an RS232 interface on a computer to the programming jack socket on the rear panel of the Tracker 212.

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