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Tracker 250

Melt Pressure Digital Panel Meter

Data Track designed the Tracker 250 digital panel meters specifically for use with Melt Pressure Transducers. Data Track's "Fast Cal" feature provides a fast and simple method of calibrating a panel meter to a melt pressure transducer using it's internal calibration resistor. Re-calibration can be undertaken whenever the melt pressure transducer is at ambient pressure (i.e. has no pressure applied to it). Should the melt pressure transducer be faulty, or incorrectly wired, it will be indicated to you during the calibration procedure.

Key Features

  • "Fast Cal" Calibration
  • Transducer Excitation Supply
  • Max/Min Memory
  • Isolated Analogue Output
  • 2 Logic Inputs
  • Transducer Health "Test" Function
  • Adjustable Display Resolution
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Serial Communications - Modbus
  • Dual Alarm Relays (T254 only)

Both the Tracker 253 and 254 panel meters have a 5-digit display and transducer supply as well as many advanced software features. In addition, both panel meters are fitted with an analogue output and an RS422/485 communications interface to allow connection to data loggers, chart recorders, PLCs and computers.

The Tracker 254 panel meter also has 2 alarm relays, both with volt free change over contacts. The displayed pressure can be in psi, bar, MPa or any other engineering units. A special "test" function enables you to check the transducer wiring and calibration.

You can find out more about the applications for the Tracker 250 by visiting our applications section or download related documentation from the area to the left. If you need additional help, then contact us without obligation to discuss your requirements further.

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