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A family of panel meters from low cost process inputs to more specialist sensors and applications.

Our range of digital panel meters are suitable for a wide choice of industrial process applications. Meters include a universal input design for process signals (e.g. 20mA loops, Themosensors and RTDs) plus more specialised instruments for Load Cell, LVDT, Totaliser, Rate and Melt Pressure applications.

Budget Indicator

Budget - 5 Digit

High Accuracy

Tracker 211
Universal Input
0.05% Accuracy
4 Digit Display
Tracker 212
User Linearization
0.05% Accuracy
5 Digit Display
Tracker 220
Universal Input
0.02% Accuracy
Modbus Communications

Load Cell Meter

Melt Pressure Meter

LVDT Meter

Tracker 240
4 or 6 Wire Strain Gauge
"Smart" Noise Filter
5 Digit Display
Tracker 250
"Fast Cal" Calibration
Serial/Analogue Outputs
5 Digit Display
Tracker 260
"Fast Cal" Calibration
Null Point Indication
5 Digit Display

Timer/Counter Meter

Tracker 280
Dual Input
6 Digit Display