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Tracker 300+ Series Overview

The Tracker 300+ series is a low cost DIN Rail mounted instruments for PID Controller, signal conditioning and alarm trip, all with RS485 MODBUS RTU compatible serial communications.

Key Features

  • The solution for PID Control, Condition Monitoring, Signal Conditioning, Alarm Trips and Remote Data Acquisition.
  • Standard TS35 DIN rail mounted
  • Genuine single loop integrity to decrease the risk of process interruption.
  • Fully configurable by PC software - no internal links or potentiometers.
  • Real time data through RS485 serial interface.
  • Accurate measurement of a wide range of industrial sensors and signals
  • 20bit Measurement.
  • 22.5mm wide enclosure enables high packing density.

Tracker 300+ Configuration is via the RS485 interface or by using a USB cable which plugs into the front panel "Config" socket. There are no internal links or potentiometers. Each unit can be identified by a unique six character alpha numeric tag name which is then stored in the instrument's memory.

The Windows based PC software allows you to name and store full configuration and calibration setup files for future use. You are able to print the Tracker 300 configuration that is supplied with each unit prior to installation. You can also test the Tracker 300 with our free SCADA software. If you wish to know more about PID control you can view our article on how a PID controller works.

Feature Tracker 321 Tracker 331 Tracker 332
Universal Input for Thermocouples, RTD, mV, Volts and mA simple_tick
simple_tick simple_tick
RS485 Communications, 4 protocols including Modbus RTU simple_tick simple_tick simple_tick
Genuine single loop integrity for critical plant control systems simple_tick simple_tick simple_tick
10V / 24V DC sensor excitation supply simple_tick simple_cross simple_tick
Universal 90-265V AC supply simple_tick simple_tick simple_tick
Communication loss “self protection” modes simple_tick simple_tick simple_tick
Math Functions – User Linearisation, Max/Min Tare, Square Root simple_tick simple_tick simple_tick
Auto Tune PID or On/Off control simple_cross simple_tick simple_tick
One Relay and one SSR output (can be for alarms or PID control) simple_cross simple_tick
Reverse, Direct and Heat + Cool control actions simple_cross simple_tick simple_tick
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) logic control outputs simple_cross simple_tick Using T340
Partial load and load condition monitoring simple_cross simple_tick simple_tick
Thermocouple condition monitoring simple_tick simple_tick simple_tick
Option: 24 V AC/DC Supply simple_tick simple_tick simple_tick
Option: Analogue output (used for measurement re-transmission or PID control) simple_tick simple_tick simple_tick
Option: Second relay output (replaces SSR Output) simple_cross simple_tick Using T340
Option: 4 extra logic outputs (e.g. relays) and 2 logic inputs (Tracker 340 Series) simple_tick simple_tick simple_tick
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