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Fill & Trickle Feeder Control

The Tracker 240 digital panel meter has relay or TTL outputs for batch filling applications

Filling sequence

The Tracker 244 and 225 have 2 relays with volt free contact or 4 TTL outputs respectively. These outputs can be used for alarms or for a batch control filling sequence.

The filling modes can be "Fill", where the container to be filled is on the load cells, or "Loss of weight" where the product's reservoir/tank is on the load cells.

Typical Fill Control Sequence

This sequence will detect a new empty container is in position and will fill to 97Kg (Setpoint 1 / Output 1) and then trickle feed to 100Kg (Setpoint 2 / Output 2) to avoid over filling.

  1. Start Trigger - detects the weight of a empty container (Optionally triggered by a logic input or front panel push button)
  2. Wait Predetermined time (seconds)
  3. Tare Load cell value
  4. Zero and start cut-off Timer (Pre-set maximum fill time)*
  5. Switch Outputs 1 and 2 on (Fill and Trickle feed valves open)
  6. Wait until 97Kg is measured or cut-off timer pre set time exceeded*
  7. Turn Off Output 1 and 2
  8. Wait Pre set in-flight time
  9. Store actual weight (e.g. 97.35Kg)**
  10. Turn on output 2 (trickle feed valve open only)
  11. Wait until 100Kg delivered or cut-off timer exceeded*
  12. Turn off Output 2
  13. Wait in-flight time
  14. Store weight value (e.g. 100.12Kg)**
* The sequence will be terminated immediately if the cut-off time is exceeded.

** The actual fill weights are stored to calculate the in-flight setpoint ajustments for the next sequence to improve filling accuracy.