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PID Control

The Tracker 331 & 332 are fully featured Auto Tuning PID controllers providing genuine single loop integrity.

Fully Featured PID Controller

The Tracker 331 and 332 DIN rail mounted modules were designed to be part of a "HMI / SCADA" supervised control system but retaining single loop integrity.

Key Features include:

  • 20Bit Measurement resolution
  • Auto Tune of PI+D
  • Heat and heat / cool control output
  • Direct or reverse acting.
  • Selectable Air / Water or Linear cooling.
  • SSR Drive output (T331)
  • Thermocouple ageing alarm
  • Partial Load Failure alarm
  • Communication Loss Alarm with Programmable Defence Actions
  • RS485 with four protocols including MODBUS RTU & Floating Point Modbus
  • Isolated Analogue output option (16Bit)

Communications Loss self defence

A number of user selectable "self defence" features ensure safe operation of the process during a loss of communication with the "Master" device, usually a PC or HMI.

Control output

Control output options include pulse width modulated (PWM) SSR drive, relay or an analogue output (0-10V or 4-20mA) can be used as a control output or for transmission of the measured value.