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Temperature Control & Display

Tracker 200 series panel meters for applications requiring temperature display

Tracker 300 series of DIN rail mounted PID temperature controllers and transmitters.

Industrial Temperature measurements are usually using Thermocouples, RTD or other Resistance sensors. Some applications a 2-wire transmitter may be used, particularly if distances between the sensor and the instrumentation are large.

The following instruments can measure thermocouples and RTD directly or power and measure 2-wire transmitters

  • Tracker 210 Low Cost 4-Digit Indicator
  • Tracker 212 Low Cost 5-Digit with 4-20mA signal linearisation
  • Tracker 220 Series - High accuracy 4/5-Digit + RS485
  • Tracker 250 5-Digit Melt Pressure - Auto Calibration resistor switching + RS485
  • Tracker 300 series DIN Rail modules + RS485 (+PID on some models)

All the products listed above have the following as standard or can be fitted as an option:

  • Isolated Analogue Output
  • Alarm Relays
  • Max / Min Memory + Reset
  • User Calibration Function (see below)

Using the user calibration feature, the Tracker and sensor can be match calibrated together where the instrument measures and stores the sensors signal at two known temperatures. This greatly reduces errors due to sensor output variations. The displayed values can be in °C or °F (and Kelvin on the 220 and 300 series).

All Tracker temperature measuring instruments have an automatic Cold Junction Compensation (CJC). On the Tracker 220 series the user can also select an external reference junction temperature and select up- or down-scale sensor break detection.

In applications where non-linearising temperature transmitters are used, the Tracker 220 series can linearise a 4-20 mA signal to the required thermocouple curve.

Tracker 300 Temperature Controller / Transmitter

The Tracker 300 series can be used for temperature transmitter or used as a fully featured temperature PID controller - or both!

The Tracker 300 series of fully featured DIN rail mounted PID controllers, primarily designed for modern "HMI / SCADA" supervised control systems but still retaining the systems single loop integrity.

The Tracker 331 and Tracker 332 PID temperature controllers enable you to plan for more effective maintenance by monitoring thermocouple ageing and the health of electrical loads. The Tracker 300 series can be configured to send an alarm if the thermocouple shows signs of deterioration and needs replacing before it fails in service.

Checks are also made for partial electrical load failure or other heater problems such as SSR faults, shorts and open circuits.