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SCADA Software

Our free trial allows you to download the SCADA control room mimic panel software to test for yourself.

A low cost but flexible software package suitable for simple HMI through to SCADA and large scale DCS systems that is compatible with all Data Track Process Instruments' products. Our free SCADA software is not time limited and is fully functional for four channels.

Key Features

  • Web Enabled
  • True 32 Bit Program
  • Quick & Easy Configuration
  • Custom Display Builder
  • Includes all the Configuration Tools
  • Extensive Data Recording Facilities
  • Fully Functional Demonstration Software Available
  • Spreadsheet Import / Export of Data and Configuration
  • Compatible with all Data Track Instruments and MODBUS RTU

The SCADA program enables you to quickly and simply configure the display to show any `record and alarm' values measured or generated by the instruments to which it is connected. You can give each analogue or digital channel a unique name, which can be displayed in real time and stored to disk at a user defined rate. The SCADA PC software enables you to recall and display the data at any time or export it to a spreadsheet program. A web interface is included for remote viewing of alarms, real time channel values and trending information using a standard web browser.

Our fully working demo provides you with 4 channels and no trial period. The full version of the SCADA software does not carry this restriction and enables you to create a control room mimic panel that will accurately reflect your own process configuration. Read our article to learn more about SCADA software.

Download your free copy of the SCADA software now (26MB).