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Signal Conditioning

Isolated Analogue Re-transmission.

The high-resolution (24 bit) universal input for Thermocouples (14 ranges), RTD sensors (4 ranges), 20mA, ±10VDC, ±100mV and resistance measurement. Combine this with the isolated high-resolution (16bit) analogue output ensures the highest quality of signal conditioning. The user selects 0-20mA, 4-20mA or a 0-10VDC-output signal, which is then scaled to any part of the measurement range. 20mA outputs can be used in source or sink modes.

For non-linear inputs (e.g. tank-contents volume measurement from head pressure) there is a User-Linearisation function. 10 and 24VDC sensor / loop excitation supplies are fitted as standard on some models and alarm relays are available as options.

The modules can be supplied as 110 / 230VAC or 24VDC / AC powered. Configuration is via the front panel USB Port or the RS485 interface. Both ports can be used simultaneously. The configuration software is free and is available in the download section on this website.

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Data Acquisition (via serial link)
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PID Control

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10/24VDC Transducer Excitation for PID controller
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Signal Conditioning with Analogue output
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Alarm Trips

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110/240 VAC Option (Normally 24VDC Powered)
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